About Us

Found Sphere Link is an Organization that provides a platform for collating and at the time disseminating information on MISSING ITEMS AND THOSE FOUND. We keep a dossier on these so that you can have timeless information on same on request.

Losing or misplacing your property can be frustrating and become such a hassle to find. Found Sphere is an intelligent lost and found matching system & inventory management app. We have taken a different approach than the traditional lost & founds by creating a platform for businesses and individuals to submit lost or found items into our matching system. Once the lost or found items are submitted and placed into our matching system, we intelligently help find and locate the misplaced goods and who has them.

Collation Of Information On Missing Items Or Things

We strongly believed that items often misplaced, missed or forgotten are really never lost but may be become lost because their owners are never located.
We also believed that most items or valuables that are eventually found are of no real value to person(s) who lay their hands on it (them).
We also believe that most persons who found such things are as matter of goodwill and brotherly love would naturally like to locate real owner(s) and hand over such valuables to them.
We believe that this will promote brotherly love and extend the natural endowment of truly being our own brothers’ keeper.
We therefore try to provide a link to the person(s) who misplaced, missed or forgot some identifiable valuables and those who reported found missing items, taking advantage of the vast mode of communication at our disposal.
We do not receive found lost items, nor undertake to deliver such to owners of found items but provide links to victim(s) of missed items and good Samaritan(s) that reported their finds.

The range of items may include but not limited to:

  • Documents- Certificates, International Passports, Financial Instruments, Travelling Documents, Land papers, Identity Cards, Custom and Excise Papers, Vehicle Particulars, Purchase Receipts, etc.
  • Items- Cameras, Computers, Wrist Watches, Hand Bags, Travellers Bags, Suites, Hand Sets, Radios, Trinkets, Books, Rings, Necklaces, Eye Glasses, Vehicles, etc.
  • Sundry issues- Persons, Vehicles, Pets, Tools, Items of gyrated fun, etc.