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"Never say lost - you are here - just beleive"
Losing or misplacing your property can be frustrating and become such a hassle to find. Found Sphere is an intelligent lost and found matching system & inventory management app. We have taken a different approach than the traditional lost & founds by creating a platform for businesses and individuals to submit lost or found items into our matching system. Once the lost or found items are submitted and placed into our matching system...

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Head Phones

Lost: 2022-04-26 (26 months ago)

Category: Electronics
Lost in a cab while traveling to Abuja from Sokoto. Please return if found. Thanks...

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Bags of Corn

Lost: 2022-05-05 (26 months ago)

Category: Farm Produce
The bags were forgotten at the park while loading. If you come in contact with them, please contact ...

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Black bag

Found: 2022-05-04 (26 months ago)

Category: Bag
This item has no image so a default logo image is used. The bag was found in a bus on route to B...

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